Dark Energy – new proposed explanation

There has been an idea around since the 60s that collapsing stars could not only form black-holes, but alternatively, closely-related objects now called Generic Objects of Dark Energy (GEODEs). These objects essentially consist of a core of dark matter surrounded by a spinning shell of exotic matter. They would observationally look like black-holes. Recent theoretical work has concluded that if the spin is fast enough then the GEODE would repel other matter giving the expectation that these objects would tend to isolate themselve to the empty areas of the universe. This then becomes consistent with the notion of negative energy concentrated in the voids causing expansion of the universe. The researchers posit that stars would have tended to collapse into GEODES in the very early universe rather than now. Strangely GEODEs would grow as the universe expands without feeding on matter as do black holes.

I report this as a serious pice of theoretical science though it is undeniably counter-intuitive and difficult to comprehend.

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