ANITA anomoly – Unknown particles challenge the Standard Model

Cosmic rays have been detected coming up from the Antarctic ice. The cosmic ray detection experiment, ANITA, is intended to detect rays coming from space, but has detected high-energy particles coming upwards from the ice. This is bizarre because high-energy particles stand an infinitesimally small chance of penetrating right through the earth without interacting with anything. Furthermore, IceCube, the neutrino detection experiment has now also confirmed detection of upward high-energy particles, and a paper on preprint today calculates that whatever particle is doing this, has much less than a 1-in-3.5 million chance of being part of the Standard Model!

There are murmurs of this being the first evidence of Super symmetry, sterile neutrinos, atypical dark matter, stau sleptons (the super symmetrical version of a tau lepton) – indeed there were theoretical papers written years ago predicting that the stau slepton would be detected in neutrino observatories.

Clearly there will now be considerable effort to attain more detection data.

Link to Live Science article

Link to pre-print paper

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