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Update 5th September 2019: I’m now working on the third book in the i-Vector series. (About a third of the way through.) I’ve taken on board the comments in reviews that readers of The Constanta Connection missed the sciencey-logic of Schrodinger’s Dog. So, with the third book, I am making sure to include plenty of temporal logic issues along with the action. The overall storyline and characters will continue on from the ending in book 2. No title yet, and definitely no spoilers, but I am aiming for release around March next year 2020.

Update 21st May 2019:  New Video Book Trailer for “Schrödinger’s Dog”


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Update 25th March 2019:

I am very happy to announce that the sequel to “Schrödinger’s Dog” is available, as of now, on Amazon.

The sequel is titled “The Constanţa Connection“, and it picks up the story following the timeline change made at the end of “Schrödinger’s Dog” by Alex, George and Harriet in response to the kidnap of Betty.1551646728

To acknowledge that this is now a series, I have given the cover of “Schrödinger’s Dog” a makeover, shown below, and adopted the series name “The i-Vector Series.”

I hope you enjoy this new read – please leave a review on Amazon, and I am always happy to hear from readers what they think, like or dislike about the stories.


Update 14th February:  I have finished the writing of the sequel, and it is now going through the process of editing and proof-reading.  It is titled “The Constanţa Connection” and should be released late February/early March.

It picks up the story from the timeline change that was made at the end of “Schrödinger’s Dog”.

Update 23rd September 2018:

Schrödinger’s Dog has got a new cover:


Update 11th September 2018: I’m now well into the sequel, and enjoying writing it, it is a process of discovery – I am not sure where it is taking us yet. But I must avoid the temptation for spoilers. I suspect it will take at least until the year end to complete.

Update 29th Jan 2018: in the USA we got to #1 Time Travel  and #2 Science Fiction in the free charts, during the first 5 day free period! and 4,128 people downloaded the eBook. Now hoping for lots of reviews….

I am delighted to finally be able to launch this novel, which has been two years in the writing, hoping that others will now be able to enjoy the story. AngledBook1

“Schrödinger’s Dog” is a convoluted Science-fiction story set in the fringes of the present-day UK GCHQ. Narrated by George, a history Professor, who has been teamed with Alex – a gifted physicist, and Betty, a multi-talented prankster mathematician, to covertly explore the surveillance capabilities of a novel technology. When that technology leads to unanticipated powers, they conspire to conceal the full capabilities from their GCHQ paymasters, whilst gradually exploring and pushing at the boundaries of the science. But they are ultimately undone by some lack of caution, combined with a perfect storm of bad luck that has catastrophic consequences.

time, entanglement, multiverse

The book will be enjoyed by readers who are interested in concepts of time, entanglement, multiverse theory, reality and actuality; and in the characters and relationships of those involved in exploring breakthrough science, whilst pursuing very human lives.

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