Book reviews

 Here are some of my favourite books:

I can’t praise this non-fiction book highly enough.

Amanda Gefter undertakes a journey to understand the frontiers of  modern physics, with the central question – What is Reality? The journey finds her interviewing the most eminent physicists, and she delightfully weaves in her own personal story as she aspires to, and becomes, a serious commentator on the philosophical understandings of physics. The book covers a great deal of theory (without maths), but is accessible and a rewarding read at most levels of previous understanding.


Many people, myself included, believe this is perhaps the best novel of all time. (However I note on it only has a rating of 3.89 stars, so I guess it is all a matter of taste!) His writing style is rich, and the story line full of interest. Set in South America, a complex story of life and obsessive love.




Snow is perhaps my favourite read – set in a subtle complex caricature of Turkey, with an ambiguous, ultimately, antihero.





This is a strange, surreal, mind-bending story.





A lovely long, very high quality read – really three linked novels in one.






Brilliant – the whole series – wonderful writing.





267123Anthony Trollope – the best author of characters – of all time.