Back in 1995, under the tacky name of ‘sonic alchemy’, I put an album of self-produced music – acid chill genre – up on SoundCloud. I guess it sounds a bit dated now, but I still like the complexity of the rhythms, particularly in the opening track.

For sound afficionados, it was completed before I discovered the joy of ‘compression’ which makes the music breathe the beat, but… it sounds how it sounds.

Worship the finger that points to the moon


The title, “Worship the finger that points to the moon”, comes from a Shamanic understanding – that, if anything would be worth worshipping, then it would be the thing itself, not the guidance, structures or institutions surrounding it. The album cover, in true 1990s resolution, shows a finger shaped outcrop of rock pointing out of a sea on an alien planet to a dim moon.



For the record, my all-time favourite pieces of music are:

Georges Enesco:  Premiere Suite dans le style ancienne (Op 3) Adagio

Dmitri Shostakovich: String Quartet no. 13 (Op 138)

Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Ops 106 (Hammerklavier ), 109, 110, 111

Prokofiev: Piano Sonatas

Rachmaninov: Preludes

Puccini: La Boheme

Liszt: Annees de pelerinage

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